Kitchen Innovations

A beautiful kitchen needs to perform as impressively as it looks, and a wide range of innovative storage solutions can make your kitchen space effortless to use. With storage solutions from leading manufacturers such as Kessenbohmer, everything will truly have it’s place, enabling an efficient and ergonomic cooking space. Pull-out wirework larders, Arena larder shelves, Larder drawers Le’Mans corner base pull-out storage and beautiful solid timber cutlery trays and deep drawer boxes are just a few of items you can add into your design. In addition to brilliant functionality, Kessenbohmer storage solutions stand for exclusive design and a high-quality finish. Internal cabinet space is used more efficiently than conventional systems, helping you get the most out of your kitchen.

For the ultimate in efficiency and convenience, boiling water taps are a kitchen must-have. Instant boiling water on tap not only saves time, but also reduces water consumption as only what is needed, is used. Filtered water taps are also available, the filtering process removes impurities which improves the taste and quality of the water. Filtering also helps to soften the water.

Lighting is a key component of your kitchen, not only does it need to be practical and effective where your working areas are, it also provides welcome ambience and an added dynamic to the space. We offer an extensive range of lighting options that include zoned, wifi controlled LED lighting strips recessed directly into the wall cabinets. Colour changing and remote controlled lighting for plinths, glass shelves and also inside wall units are also available.

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